Coffee Vending Machines and Worker Productivity

Vending machines are most often associated with soda, chips, candy bars and the like. In the workplace, then, it would only make sense that vending machines are associated with a once-or-twice-a-day break time indulgence. However, there is a type of vending machine that can actually help increase performance-a coffee vending machine. These coffee vending machines certainly have the potential to be a staple in offices across the country, if not across the world, due to the demonstrated benefits coffee has in regards to worker productivity.

Coffee keeps work workers alert and improves productivity. It reduces stress in that sleep deprivation-or tiredness in general-is a major stressor; that coffee is an effective way to wake a person up also reduces stress in the workplace, which can be a cause of poor performance and tension. Coffee also has been shown to reduce pain, in particular in office workers, as per a study by the National Institute for Health.

Coffee also increases sociability, which is a major boon in the office, where teamwork and cooperation are important to an efficient office place.

Not only is coffee helpful in these work-related ways, there are also myriad health benefits of coffee that extend beyond the office. It helps break down body fat, reduces cravings for unhealthy sugary food and beverages, and certain studies have shown that coffee reduces the risks of diseases such as certain types of cancer, diabetes and Parkinson’s, as well as reducing the risk of stroke. Other studies link drinking coffee to a reduced risk of depression.

Coffee vending machines are becoming more and more complex-now including stirrers, sugar, cups and milk. This saves the time used for making coffee and makes the office space cleaner-as several employees will not be forced to lug their own supplies to work.

Coffee vending machines save time and money. They increase the productivity of the work staff and make sure that coffee is available 24 hours per day. This means that even workers who have to work into the early hours of the day can have their productivity boosted with the snap of a finger. Coffee vending machines also dispense coffee at 80 degrees, which is a safety benefit-cutting down on people burning their mouths as a result of brewing coffee that is too hot. All in all, the benefits cannot be ignored: coffee vending machines are a great way to have a happy, efficient and safer workplace.

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