Promoting Healthy Lifestyle Choices in the Workplace

Americans are becoming more and more health conscious. As a result, vending machines have had to keep up with this trend toward making healthier lifestyle choices.

While many in the vending industry were understandably concerned that healthy snacks and drinks would not be big hits with vending consumers, just the opposite has proven true. Consumers are thrilled with the healthy selections. And even though healthy snacks and drinks cost a bit more than traditional vending items, they are more than willing to pay the price.

Some of the healthy food choices now available in vending machines include things like fresh, canned and dried fruits, 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice, plain or mixed nuts, low-fat bagged snacks, salads, and nonfat yogurt and milk.

Companies who are concerned with the health of their employees are pleased to be able to fill former snack vending machines with healthy food choices, as well. In the short term, healthy snacks help prevent the inevitable sugar crash that individuals experience after eating junk food. Further, when employees adopt a healthier lifestyle, they are less prone to many diseases. And healthier employees mean higher overall productivity.

In addition to healthy food choices, there are a variety of other ways to promote a healthy lifestyle for employees. What’s best, none of these things cost a company a great deal of money. Instead they just require a commitment to good health.

  1. Eat healthy lunches together. Once or twice a month consider hosting lunch potlucks and have employees bring healthy food items to share.
  2. Bring in a yoga or other fitness instructor during the lunch hour so employees can work out during the day.
  3. Invest in standing desks or stability balls to prevent employees sitting in one position for too long.
  4. Consider walking meetings. Instead of sitting around a table discussing ideas, when feasible, encourage employees to discuss ideas while walking outside.
  5. Pay a portion of employees’ health club memberships.
  6. Provide secure parking for bikes. Many people say they would bike to work if they had a safe place to park their bikes.
  7. Help employees kick bad habits. Offer free nicotine patches to workers who would like to quit smoking, hold weight loss support group meetings for workers who are trying to lose weight and install software on employee computers that reminds them to stretch.

Healthy employees are happy employees and healthy and happy employees are more productive. That’s a win for business owners and employees alike.

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